East Contemporary

SOMA “Mindful Mindness”

Seoul, October 30 – February 14, 2015, https://www.somamuseum.org/


Woonyeon Chung: A dog which was killed on a hot summer day (2011)

One of the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art’s focus points in drawing (the other is sculpture), and this is what this exhibition has been dedicated to. It seemed to be comprised of a selection of SOMA’s drawing archives. In some way a very traditional exhibition, but also one which provided enough material to wonder and think about. There has been a long list of artists on show, each exhibiting one or two pieces of work. The visitor experience at SOMA is always quite nice, thanks to the museum architecture as well as sensible curating.


Hyungsun Jang: I’m fine (2009)


Donggu Kang: Sweet Dream (2015)


Eunsook Kim: Bongilcheon-4ri, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (2015)


Yuna Park: Drawing (2004)


Woojin Kim: Brave New World Exercise Project (2015)


Elly Cho: Visual Kinematics: A State of Art (2014)


Sangsun Lee: Monument Drawing (2015)

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