East Contemporary

Art Space Pool: Sanghee Song “The Story of Byeongangsoe 2015”

Seoul, November 12 – December 13, 2015, http://www.altpool.org/


As it is usual in Art Space Pool, the exhibition was research-based and minutely installed up to the smallest detail. The contents revolved around the ‘silent victims’ on the fringes of history, like soldiers, massacre victims, etc. This macabre topic, represented mainly in images, has been mixed with a text taken from a Korean folk opera, pansori, which is often quite vulgar. In this unexpected combination, the artist attempted to construct a poetic image that would facilitate the understanding of what has happened without slipping into too much pathos.

The central element of the installation has been a synchronized multi-screen projection in one room and a sculpture with an overlaid projection in another room. The work was heavy in meaning and not very joyful, yet I understood the necessity to face or at least remember these events, which especially in Korea are events of the very recent past, often still not completely put to rest.IMG_20151205_163600 IMG_20151205_163629 IMG_20151205_164313_HDR IMG_20151205_165219_HDR

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