East Contemporary

Piet Hein Eek: Philip van Tol “Fiepdelight – Just as it is and yet out of control”

Eindhoven, March 19 – July 2, 2017, https://pietheineek.nl

Philip van Tol focuses on the fleeting moments when light meets objects and shadows are born. The number of possible shapes created is infinite, as are the subtle color combinations as light passes through and reflects on different surfaces. Tol photographs these moments and presents them as perfectly adjusted photo prints. The light and shadow play captured on Tol’s photographs created a special dialogue with the light and shadow play of the exhibition space itself: The shadows cast by the large industrial window grids, the rectangular table-display cases covered with large glass plates mirroring the surrounding installation. Even one brushed metal plate, where one was left wondering whether what one saw was just a reflection of the actual room or a print of a previously recorded reflection.

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