East Contemporary

MadeIn: Shen Xin 沈莘 “To Satiate”

Shanghai, March 22, – May 5, 2019, www.madeingallery.com

Madein gallery in was showing Shen Xin ( 沈莘 ), a video artist, female. There were two works on display. Upon entering the space, the visitors encountered a four channel video installation. It consisted of two screens with two similar shaky videos of a chair and 6 wiggling chopstick-like forms superimposed on top of it during editing. Another two screens showed an endlessly scrolling text (one English one Chinese) that appeared rather incoherent to me and I also could not make out its relation to the wiggling chopsticks.

The other single channel video work was more narrative. It was a high definition video of scenes shot on some island in Thailand. It felt as if Shen made a holiday in a nice little seaside resort, shot some scenes there with the help of some locally casted amateur actors, and later edited the material into a sort of story. I guess it was about the hardships of people who spend too much time in holiday resorts, so much time that they get bored by it. The most often repeated phrases in the video were “Baby, I hate it when people stare at me” and “I am hungry.”

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