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GHMP: Hulacova – Keresztes – Janousek “Entomos”

Prague, November 21, 2018 – March 3, 2019, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace 3F, http://www.ghmp.cz A duo-exhibition of two young sculptors. The exhibition space was located in an old crumbling palace, but the insides of the rooms were transformed in a white-cube setup, and I could feel that the exhibition architecture was considered as an inherent part of…

GHMP: Roman Stetina “Foreword”

Prague, November 21, 2018 – February 24, 2019, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace 2F, http://www.ghmp.cz The space in which the exhibition took place was by itself very impressive: An old, crumbling palace, walls covered in red canvas surrounded with golden ornaments on white background, some in marble, creaking wooden parquet flooring, large crystal chandelier… Within the space I…

DSC Gallery: Vaclav Cigler & Michal Motycka “Dialogue”

Prague, March 16 – April 20, 2017, http://www.dscgallery.com The large scale interior architecture-like installations from glass and stainless steel appeared to me most of all as a celebration of the capitalist-realism architecture of office towers and business districts. The scale was monumental, larger-than-human. The surfaces were smooth, reflective. Some transparent and some opaque, all set…

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art: “Airship Gulliver” + “Architecture of the VII Day” + “Material 307”

Prague, March 17 – May 22, 2017 (VII Day), February 10 – May 8, 2017 (307), http://www.dox.cz/en/ I stopped by in DOX more by coincidence than plan. The largest exhibition space was closed in preparation of the upcoming (and now already opened) Big Bang Data show. Nevertheless, there was still enough to see and enjoy.