East Contemporary

Pop-up Galerie AVU: Anezka Abrtova “Stabbed her with knife”

Prague, April 14 – May 13, 2023, https://avu.cz/oddeleni/galerie-avu

The exhibition combines sculptures and drawings.

The sculptures consist of hard skeletons made from large wooden branches which are wrapped in layers of soft material like wax, textiles and animal skins. This gives them a slightly uncanny nature of a large piece of meat in a butcher’s shop display. A half of a piq, a quarter of a cow. At the same time the textile materials create a connection to our own human bodies.

The drawings appear very intuitive and not much planned. Some more concrete drawings look like a child’s drawings and maybe are even made by a child. Other more abstract drawings look like a result of an art therapy or mediation exercise. Soft water colour patches fading into each other. Expressive lines woven into a large mandala-like painting.

It’s clear that the artworks are addressing the soft, female, intuitive side of things. They are mirror images of the part of our selves that is more vulnerable and not always easy to manage in relation to the hard reality of sharp edges and seemingly clear definitions that however begin to crumble as soon as you take a closer look at them.

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