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Seoul Olympic Museum of Art: “Expressions and Gestures”

Seoul, September 18 – October 18, 2015, https://www.somamuseum.org/, curator Younjeong Park 박윤정 SOMA is a museum that focuses on sculpture and drawing. It is also linked to its mother foundation, the Korean Olympic Committee, which means that the exhibitions do often somehow relate to the body, movement, etc., as was the case with this exhibition.

Asia Code _ ZERO_ 空 + Changhoon Lee “Either Very Short of Very Long”

Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, 10/11 – 12/22 (Asia Code), 10/11 – 10/27/13 (Changhoon Lee) www.somamuseum.org www.somadrawing.org The handout of the show announced the theme of “Zero” (空 – Chinese character for emptiness) identified as the specific feature of ‘Asian’ art. Works in the show were related to this concept, taking up the theme from different…