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Suwon Museum of Art: “Second Impact”

Suwon, April 16, 2024 – March 3, 2025, https://suma.suwon.go.kr

“Second Impact” was looking at different aspects of the relationship between an original and a copy and what these terms mean. The starting point were a few chapters of curatorial text, which would be great as a curriculum for a visual culture class at university. The chapters of the text were then illustrated by a few “original” (hehe) artworks. Nice educational, teaching material, but as an art show it did not really cut it for me. The theoretical framework was not bad, a summary of existing theories, however, also this was a rather ‘historical’ summary, and for example the whole questioning of the concept of original creativity, especially in relation to digitalization and artificial intelligence, which was so nicely pointed at by prison breaker프리즌브레이커 in the Forking Room exhibition at Ujeongguk was completely missing here. Symptomatic of this was the reference to copyright law in one of the chapters. As we all know, the copyright law is historic relic that very much struggles with reality for the last few decades since the emergence of digital media.

Lee Myoungho
Lee Myoungho

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