East Contemporary

Meet Factory: Lenka Glisnikova “Moment of Seclusion Over the Horizon”

Prague, December 1, 2023 – January 28, 2024, http://www.meetfactory.cz

The installation in one large spacious room contained mysterious objects that looked like a real-life materialization of computer 3D simulations of liquid flows and biological forms. Partially hanging on thick metal ropes from the ceiling, partially placed on the floor. The objects were made of two kinds of plastic, one transparent reminiscent of a warped soap bubble and the other opaque covered with colorful images, probably photographs of some biological structures. Spot lights were creating cloud-like shadows on the white walls of the exhibition space.

The result was a real unreal Barbie plastic fantastic world feeling. That means, it looked very attractive in it’s artificiality. In the context of the artistic oeuvre of Glisnikova, I wonder what else she has up her sleeve. Is there is more conceptual depth to it, or if it is just a one-off lucky coincidence of creating something that looks great? Looking forward to seeing more from her.

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