East Contemporary

Suwon Museum of Art: Lee Gil Beom “Down Memory Lane”

Suwon, February 27 – June 9, 2024, https://suma.suwon.go.kr

Lee Gil Beom 이길범 “Down Memory Lane” was a solo exhibition of a local Suwon artist. Traditional ink painting. Mostly traditional motives. Some Suwon related. I would not have thought this would be my favorite show of the day. But it was. It was touching to see a comprehensive selection of works of one artist, covering different creative phases, all in one place. The installation was well done and made use of a variety of presentation styles. It was fun to walk through. I really had the feeling of getting to know the artist and his work within the timeframe of the visit. The fact that the artist was from Suwon and one could spot an occasional Hwaseong Fortress tower on some of the landscapes was an added bonus, as it made me imagine the artist walking on the same roads I walked on while coming to the museum, and thus creating a feeling of connection. Nice to meet you, Mr. Lee.

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