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4+4 days in motion “Everything’s everyone’s” (4+4 dny v pohybu “Vsechno je vsech”)

Prague, May 11 – 21, 2023, https://ctyridny.cz

4+4 days in motion is an annual art festival that takes place at a different location in Prague every year. The location of the art exhibition is usually an unused building prior to a new redevelopment. It seems that the Golf Center Erpet in Prague Smichov was the site of the festival for a second year in a row. For me it was the first time to this site. The last time I visited in 2021, the exhibition took place in an abandoned school in Prague Strasnice.

The festival itself is not only an art exhibition but comprises also music and theatre performances, lectures, workshops etc. This report limits itself to the exhibition at the Erpet Golf Center.

The site itself was quite special, a large indoor golf course with artificial trees, artificial grass and an artificial waterfall. Outside of the building there was a pool complex, as well as tennis courts and football pitches. The large pool was drained and was used as an downwards inverted stage for a DJ to play during the opening night. It was a cool location.

The exhibition itself made use of the existing architecture of the building. Carpets, tiles and wallpapers were left intact. Artworks were installed in what used to be a sauna and on the walls of the squash courts marked by rubber ball residues. The main space of the golf landscape was dimly lit, giving it a feeling similar to a theatre stage. Visitors were freely wandering around it.

The special atmosphere of the space demanded also a strong presence of the individual artworks. Here some works stood the test better than others. But overall I would say it was a very well balanced show. It was a holistic experience, which can be sometimes hard to break down into individual pieces and feelings they aroused.

The main “golf course” stage of the show as seen from above. In the right corner (centre of the photograph) there was a prominent installation by Simon Kadlcak, a quasi-dioarama of a freetekno party consisting of a large wall painting and a speaker tower surrounded by empty drink cans etc.
Another view of the main space, Marian Grolmus star sculpture reminiscent of the communist star, now kind of out of place, fallen. On the left some banners reminiscent of medieval knights´ flags and highway billboards by Rudolf Samohejl.
Another view of Grolmus´star and Samohejl´s banner from closer distance of the lower floor.
Three different banners. The large painted metal sheet in the front also seems to be a work by Rudolf Samohejl
A detail from one of the squash courts where the works by Denisa Langrova, Rudolf Samohejl and David Certansky were installed. I assume the alluminium “cloud” is a work by Samohejl again. Not sure about the two little paintings in the background.
Another painting installed in the squash court. I guess David Certansky?
Kristof Kintera
Staring Greta Thunberg … unfortunately I was not always clear which artwork belongs to whom. Maybe Ales Zapletal?
A very gentle drawing installation. The wall was drawn over and in front of it, there were small paper drawings hanging on extended nails with magnets. It´s about scale, light and shadow, relations between patterns… It was a bit lost in the noise of the opening, but it was a very strong work in my opinion. By the way, the installation covered multiple walls, this is just a detail of it. Great work by Katerina Dobroslava Drahosova.

Two view of Jiri Pitrmuc´ installation made of men´s business shirts. “My life is great.” reads the caption on the cardboard.

Vase-like sculptures made from cut glass panes by Jan Turner (?)
In front of the building next to the entrance staircase on an abandoned flower patch: a broken and abandoned “future”. Probably by Radek Muzik.
Out there in the wild… brutal metal artifacts reminding of old long dead cultures… by Martin Kubica

A work on the tennis lawn, a photograph printed on canvas showing a little baby inspecting a sculpture protected in a glass vitrine. “Somewhere” and “elsewhere” read the grey captions spray-painted on the tennis court. Probably a work by David Bohm and Jiri Franta. A heavy grey sky above.

Floor plan of the exhibition. On the 2nd floor (2P) there was also a viewing platform to see the internal golf course from above.

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