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transmediale: Ruth Catlow, Zachary Formwalt, Demystification Committee “Capturing the Face of Finance”

Berlin, 19:30, Feb 2, 2018, https://transmediale.de

Ruth Catlow: Finance is the coordination of large amounts of money and capital. Destruction of indigenous lifestyles, replaced by capitalism. We are all indigenous. Brett Scott (Book: Heretics guide to Finance) worked in finance as an “undercover anthropologist”.

Zachary Formwalt: Representation of stock exchange building architecture. Existing stock exchanges, past stock exchanges. Amsterdam, Shenzhen. Edward Muybridge’s “unsupported transit” research (horse not touching ground during movement) as a parallel of capital accumulating without touching the ground (via speculation) on the stock exchange. Shenzhen stock exchange architecture as a symbol of financial speculation.

Demystification Committee: Some guy (Ricci) setting up offshore companies in Seychelles with the help of President France-Albert Renee. Hiding in between. Coco-de-mer (coconut palm) with magical nuts that look like sexual Organs regulated more strictly than financial flows.

Demystification Committee then went through the process of setting up their own offshore company structure, playing with the “offshore concept”. I like: learning/understanding by doing.

Implication of art as the bleeding edge of capitalism: One has to distinguish between commodified art products and artistic intentions that lead to them. (It takes effort to be a successful “commodified” artist.)

W.G.Hill book Banking in Silence: Tips and tricks how to secretly move money around.

Paolo Cirio project Loophole for All is similar to the DC project. He extracted thousands of company certificates, distributes them democratically. Also explains some of the tricks of offshore finance, more involves public, but explains less what it is about. DC focus on personal learning by experience.

Closing statement: File and Forget.


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