East Contemporary

transmediale: Eric Snodgrass, Shaka McGlotten, Elly Clarke, Emile Devereaux, Helen Pritchard, Magda Tyzlik-Carver “Hard Feelings: A Conversation on Computation and Affect”

Berlin, 16:30, Feb 3, 2018, https://transmediale.de

Eric Snodgrass: Affect is the capacity to be affected, it is what happens before describable and communicate-able “feelings” emerge. Hard Feelings is a title taken from Lorde’s album. A moment when the future collapses upon you.

Shaka McGlotten: Manipulation of affect has become a data driven industry today, but even prior to the emergence of digital attention economics, affect has been a matter of manipulation based on race, gender etc. A lot of self-centered self-reflection there.

Elly Clarke: Is my body out of date? White hetero cis males rule the world. Virtuality promises freedom but does not deliver.

Emile Devereaux: The uncanny valley: The robots have crawled out of it. Uncanny is a complex emotion. People feel more relaxed when blink mirrored by a robot, even if they know it is just a robot.

Helen Pritchard: City cows in Hong Kong are tracked by GPS collars, in order to monitor their rebellious activities. People start to use the data to care about them, i.e. affect emerges as a side effect of an urge to control. Feralizing of data.

Magda Tyzlik-Carver: Curating as a care for captured and dead objects. What about curating for changing objects that cannot be caputed? Entanglement and matter of care in a society governed by big data? Narratives constructed through algoritmic processes. Care exerted over an abstract (extracted) data set. We should seek alliances with our data bodies. But even if we achieved it, what would we do then? Would we drown in the data?

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