East Contemporary

Meetfactory Kostka: Afrah Shafiq “Sultana´s Reality”

Prague, January 13 – June 6, 2021, http://www.meetfactory.cz

A narrative interactive animation about the education and reading habits of women with rich husbands in India.

The animation itself, which looked like made in Macromedia Shockwave/Flash, reminded me of Marc Chagall, with people flying trough air and a kind of dreamy poetic atmosphere. Also a lot of text to scroll through. Maybe the contents were interesting.

Unfortunately the presentation format put me completely off to spend more time to watch it: A large projection in an darkened room decorated by Tron-style geometric fluorescent wall painting and a little table with a computer mouse, where one had to keep searching for the “next” button, clicking and scrolling. Like some early flash website from the 1990´s.

In pandemic times, I appreciated that at least a box of latex gloves was provided to touch the “public” mouse. But a bit more thought should have been given to the spatial arrangement, interaction design and set up.

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