East Contemporary

Hite Collection „Kak“

Seoul, May 28 – July 17, 2022, https://hitecollection.com

“Kak” is a survey exhibition about sculpture today in Korea. Exhibited artworks span a period of about 25 years. In all cases, the positions are forward-looking positions of artists who were thinking about what the next step could be or how to reinterpret sculptural traditions with new materials.

Featured artists: Osang Gwon권오상, Hyun Bhin Kwon권현빈, Donghee Kim김동희, Inbai Kim김인배, Do Ho Suh서도호, Lee Bul이불, Sukyung Lee이수경, Lim Jeongsoo임정수, Jihyun Jung정지현, Jaiyoung Cho조재영, Cha Sla차슬아, Jayoung Hong홍자영

Walking around the show felt at times a bit like walking around a building construction supplies market on which a couple of works by the previous generation of artists were dumped. There was a lot of experimentation with different kind of materials, from stone to styrofoam and read-made architectural elements. The conceptual background was also varied from straightforward experimentation with form and color to complex relational theories elucidated in the long curatorial text.

The white lines demarcating the space of the sculptures and the space of the audience on the floor where also quite fascinating.

Walking around felt pleasant. In hindsight I think I most enjoyed the three-dimensionality and materiality of the works. Below I some of my favorites’ details.

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