East Contemporary

Incheon Art Platform: Jung Jihyun 정지현 „가우지(GOUGE)“

Incheon, July 15 – September 11, 2022, https://inartplatform.kr

A solo exhibition of an artist who I encountered nor long ago within the „Kak“ group show at Hite Collection.

Different materials, different sculpting methods… somehow it all related to the city environment and the materials used in constructing or designing the city space. However the shapes were not rectangular, organizing flows humans moving around or establishing borders between specific plots. In Jungs work, these materials, from metal beams to 3-D prints were all weirdly warped as if re-imagined in a dream and sculpted based on the memory. This reminded me of my remark about “Kak” that it felt like walking around a building material market. Similar here. What was maybe different was the very subdues color palette of greys and beiges. It was an almost monochrome world. As if elements of a landscape were 3D scanned and remodeled, but not textured.

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